Agency IT Biennial Performance Report


The 2021 State of Montana Biennial Report on Information Technology (IT) is prepared under the authority of the Montana IT Act (MCA 2-17-521). The State Information Technology Services Division (SITSD) is responsible for gathering and compiling the following information to meet the statutory requirements for this report:

  • an analysis of the state's information technology¬†infrastructure, including its value, condition, and capacity
  • an evaluation of performance relating to information technology
  • an assessment of progress made toward implementing the state strategic information technology plan
  • an inventory of state information services, equipment, and proprietary software
  • agency budget requests for major projects
  • other information as determined by the department or requested by the governor or the legislature

This 2021 State of Montana Biennial Report on IT is a comprehensive summary of IT inventory and performance across the enterprise of state government.